👋Hey, My name's Nick!

Hey there!
I want to be a web dev at some point, big dream!
I love good music and good sound.

I have been alive for
which makes me very old

I like computers (surprised?)
I stream on Twitch. Sometimes.. anyway...

I open source, Fontawesome, VSCode, and my friends (they're cool)

Follow me!
DiscordBlueskyTwitch Instagram

I'm always looking for new stuff to do! If you have anything contact me :D (I get bored very fast)
I'm currently learning Python & C#. But I'm still discovering new things about HTML, CSS & JS daily.
You're never done learning!
Ask me things! Let me get to know you! My DMs are always open!

Fun facts
My favorite animal is a Bee (they're cute and honey is yummy)
My favorite color is #2E0D48 or any type of purple.

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